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    Crash Recovery Strategy


      Last week I had a massive power surge that destroyed my motherboard, power supply, and hard drive.  I had my RAM checked at a computer shop and it is OK.  I think my processor is OK too but I can't be sure.  After I replaced the power supply the computer goes through POST but then hangs.  It won't recognize any DVD or CD drives.  The hard drive was removed and tested on another computer.  It is dead.


      The motherboard was an Intel DG965OT. It is out of warranty by a few months.  I really want to be able to restore my computer back to the way it was before the crash.  I do web site design and have the computer configured as a PHP testing server and have loads of software loaded on it.  I would hate to have to set up a new machine


      I have a backup.  I use Acronis True Image and have the backup on an external hard drive.


      My recovery strategy is:


      1.  Buy a new DG965OT motherboard and a new SATA hard drive.  I already bought a new power supply.

      2.  Install all the new components along with my old RAM and processor (Core2Duo).

      3.  Format the hard drive using my Windows XP CD.

      4.  Boot to my Acronis True Image Rescue CD and then restore to the new hard drive.


      I expect that I should then essentially be back to exactly where I was before the power surge and crash.


      Does anyone see a flaw in that strategy?  I am assuming that the process of restoring should install the proper motherboard drivers.


      Thanks in advance for any input.