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    "unknown error 0xA0040002" and failure while creating a mirrored volume using RST


      I recently upgraded my motherboard to an Asus Prime Z370-A which I specifically purchased because it had Intel's Rapid Storage Technology onboard, which I planned to use for a RAID 1 mirrored volume over two 4 TB disks.


      I had already had these disks set up as a mirrored volume on my old motherboard.  Because of the change in operating system and technology, I had to recreate the volume.


      I was distressed to see that the only option in the BIOS configuration for creating the volume would destroy all the data.  This wasn't a possibility for me because I don't have anywhere to store my 3TB of data while I do this.


      I was glad to see that there was a windows GUI application which supported creating a volume without deleting all data.  But it hasn't worked for me despite trying many things and searching through this forum for hours.  It's also pretty distressing to see the huge number of people posting here, over years, about "unknown errors".  Why hasn't the software been updated to give more informative error messages?


      Anyway, I am one of those people.  When I go to create the volume while preserving data I get the "unknown error" message (attached) and the creation fails (although the software claims success).  Then the target drive (the one without the data) is marked as "unavailable" and no longer shows up in the disk manager.  I was able to remove this condition with the RST tool, but that just brought me back to where I started.  I am using version which I have verified as compatible with my motherboard: PRIME Z370-A Driver & Tools | Motherboards | ASUS USA


      I followed the instructions in this thread: xA005005D Error when Trying to Convert Non-RAID System Drive to RAID1 and Preserve Data


      First by shrinking the volume I was sourcing the data from, which first caused the system to be unable to boot, necessitating reverting to a system restore point.  The volume was split however (which you can see in my screenshot of the drive management attached), but still the RST failed to create the volume in the exact same way as before.


      Then I attempted to use the software linked (RST v as a second option, which caused me to be unable to boot, and I had to revert to a system restore point.  Note I uninstalled v. before installing v.


      I've also verified that RST (and nto AHCI) is enabled in BIOS. 


      I can't find any more information about this issue in the boards.  I am attaching an image of the error message, an image of my disk management, a system support utility report, and a RST system report.


      Thanks for your help, if you can offer some.