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    X48, AHCI, ICH9R, SATA Hot Swap not working correctly.



      So not sure if the is the right place for this but I shall give it a try.

      So I have a DFI X48-T2R motherboard with a Q9550 and 4gb of OCZ ram, running XP Pro SP3 + latest updates and all seems to be working.


      The problem I have is with hot swapping SATA drives inasmuch as if I boot the system with a drive plugged into the SATA port. I can unplug the drive and it disappears from the XP explorer and if I plug it in again the it appears in the XP explorer windows and I can read and write to the drive.


      However if I boot the system without the drive plug into the port I am using to hot swap then it will NEVER work. Inasmuch as I can plug the drive in but it never appears in the explorer windows or in Disk Manager.


      I have turned  AHCI on in the bios (NONE RAID) and when installing XP I loaded the driver “ICHP SATA AHCI DeskTop ICH93” at f^ time. I have also loaded the latest iaStor.sys from the intel web site and have install it but the problem is the same.


      It seems almost as if the iaStor.sys driver is not active on a port unless a drive was plug in at boot time.


      Any ideas please?


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          Just to close this out.
          I tried Win7 64bit and problem the same.
          So scratching around the web I found the jmicron site and drivers listed below.
          I installed these and HotSwop works perfectly for the Jmicron ports.
          So I put the system back on XP Pro 32bit and installed the Jmicron drivers and again hotswop works perfectly on the JMicron ports.
          So I guess there is an issues with the AHCI BIOS and ICH9R ports/driver and hotswopping SATA drives in both XP and Win7... Maybe it is not intended to be hotswappables.
          Any ideas?