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    Increase RAM




      I'm looking to increase the RAM and Graphics capabilities on my system to the maximum.

      I've done a lot of checking and research but it's one of those things that I'm not 100% sure about so would appreciate a bit of confirmation if anyone can help


      My system:



      Intel Corporation DQ45CB (LGA775)



      Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 @ 2.66GHz



      Generic Non-PnP Monitor (1280x1024@60Hz)

      2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 (Gigabyte)


      This motherboard has 4 RAM slots (DDR2) which are currently filled with 2GB Modules, so I'm working with 8GB RAM total.

      I've read the specs on the Intel site and it seems that I could increase to 16GB by replacing the modules with 4 x 4GB

      As I'm no expert on RAM, could someone confirm if this is suitable:


      Bit expensive if I have to buy 4, I know - hence why I need to check...


      Regarding the Graphics card, the one I have contains 2GB but I want to increase.

      I can see that there are way better cards available but I'm struggling to know which would be compatible with my setup.


      If anyone could offer advice and ideas I'd be very grateful!


      Many thanks,


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          Al Hill

          You can find the specifications for ram for your board here, on page 15, section 1.5:



          I see only a few 4gb modules that have been tested:

          System Memory for the Intel® Desktop Board DQ45CB


          Because this board is so old, I question the value of adding the memory.   I personally think it would be better to replace the board, which include new memory, processor, fan, etc, rather than trying to squeeze more life out of this board.  If your goal is windows 10, your board and processor are not supported, and your processor graphics are not supported, although you can salvage your nvidia card for a new system.


          Intel® Desktop Board DQ45CB Product Specifications


          A ten year old board is just not worth the effort, in my opinion.



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            I checked the technical specifications of the board DQ45CB

            Kingston KVR800D2N6K2/8G  4gb module 800Mhz is supported  4x4gb

            Winchip* GDE4GB28L300C5   4gb module 667Mhz is supported  4x4gb


            according to me , increase of 16GB ram is waste , if you using 32bit os



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              Al Hill

              And, 8GB is also a waste on a 32-bit system.  But, that is not the point here.



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                Thanks for your feedback, but I'm not sure what you're saying here exactly:


                Raju's post tells me that 16GB is a waste on a 32bit OS.

                Al Hill's post states that 8GB is a waste on a 32bit OS.


                But my system is 64bit.


                So, back to my original question, can I put 4 x 4GB RAM modules on this motherboard to bring my total to 16GB.


                @ Al Hill - I recognise that you have advised that I replace the motherboard but I'm running a 64bit system with Windows 10 so I don't see why the age is a problem. Surely increasing from 8GB to 16GB on my system is not so crazy is it?


                Anyway, thanks for your continued advice...

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                  Al Hill

                  For the amount of money you want to spend, on a board and processor that is not supported, you would do much better by getting a new board/memory/processor, or getting a new system.


                  I did not say windows 10 would not run.  I said it was not supported.  It is only a matter of time before Microsoft pulls the plug on support of old hardware and processors.  And, with a board this old, it is only a matter of time before you start to experience component failure.


                  Sure, go ahead and add the memory - for all the good it will do.


                  As for the 32-bit comment, that was for raju.



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                    Thank you for your answer.


                    I have a couple of hundred pounds to spend - no more than that. I want to improve my system performance. I thought that doubling the RAM would be a good idea.


                    I can't afford lots of other stuff, hence why I need to know specifically whether this will bring some benefit.


                    I understand why you think 'Get a new system' is a better idea - of course it is, if you have the means.


                    As for your comment "... Sure, go ahead and add the memory - for all the good it will do..." - there's no need to be a <REMOVED>, is there?


                    Anyone else have any helpful comments or shall I just go and find some more money and buy a new system like Al keeps suggesting.


                    Hoping for some genuinely informative (and not sarcastic) responses.


                    Thank you.

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                      Al Hill

                      Watch your language on the forum, and no personal insults. 


                      If you want approval for what you want, sorry, I cannot provide it for the reasons stated.


                      Get the memory.  And, when it does not work, or the board fails, you will not have support here.  And, remember, Windows 10 is NOT SUPPORTED on your board and processor.



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                        Thank you.


                        I understand that WIN 10 may not be supported but I just wanted to see whether I can get more out of what I've got by doubling the RAM. That's all.

                        If the answer is no, then the answer is no.


                        My 'insult' was merely a reply to your sarcastic comment: "Sure, go ahead and add the memory - for all the good it will do."

                        I take it that sarcasm is allowed on this forum, right?


                        In that case, you've been most helpful.

                        Thank you sir.

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                          Al Hill

                          Question - what will you do with 8 (4*2gb, 4*4gb) sticks of memory when the board fails or W10 no longer runs?


                          The best advice I can give is to save your money for better use later.


                          I personally do not believe going from 8 to 16gb will provide any noticeable improvement.  But, that is just my opinion.


                          Sorry for being so blunt, but I like to point out the reality of the situation.