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    D875PBZ RAID setup


      I recently installed Windows XP Pro SP3 on a D875PBZ motherboard, and the RAID didn't install using the F6 procedure. It looks like I used the wrong one. It looks like iata55_enu.exe creates the files I need (i used iata_cd.exe).

      So now that I've gone through all of the installations of everything I need on this PC, I really don't wnat to start over if I don't have to. All of the RAID installation instructions seem to indicate that the RAID is installed with the OS. Is there any way to install this particular RAID on an already existing WIndows XP SP3 installation?

      I want to install a RAID1 configuration, by the way, and the matching drive is already hooked up and visible, but there appears to be no data or partitions on the other drive.

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          You used the wrong program. That program only installs the Windows software for the RAID function after Windows is already up and running.


          In addition, the Windows XP setup program only supports the F6 install from a floppy drive (either a legacy internal floppy drive or certain makes of USB floppy drives). It does not support such installations from CD or USB flash drives.


          Thus, if your system does not have a 3.5" 1.44MB floppy drive at all, you must purchase a USB floppy drive (preferably one that uses a Mitsumi or Teac chipset) in order to even install the F6 drivers. You will need the file named "F6 INSTALL 2600.exe" to extract this onto floppy (do this on another system). You will also need the file named "iata_cd.exe" to complete the RAID installation once Windows XP is up and running.

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            I used the wrong program? That's what I thought I mentioned in my post.

            You say: "That program only installs the Windows software for the RAID function after Windows is already up and running."

            Which program would that be...because that is EXACTLY what I would like to achieve now that Windows XP is up and running.

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              The only way to enable RAID after Windows is up and running would be via a Windows registry hack. And even with the hack, there is no guarantee that it would even work at all. Hence, the only legitimate way to enable RAID at this point would be to completely wipe out your system hard drive and reinstall Windows XP from the very beginning, making sure that you already have a floppy drive for the F6 driver installation.


              And please be sure that you have already enabled RAID and already have the required number of hard drives already connected to your system board. Otherwise, Intel's chipset RAID controllers prior to the ICH10R (used with the Intel 4- and 5-series chipsets for the Core 2 and i-series processors, respectively) will not even allow you to use a single non-RAID drive with the RAID feature enabled (this is called a "RAID-Ready" configuration).


              In other words, with that desktop board once you installed Windows XP in IDE mode it's already too late to switch to RAID.


              Oh, I forgot that the ICH5R (the ICH used in the D875PBZ) supports only RAID 0. RAID 1 is not supported at all in that desktop board. Thus, you cannot set up a mirroring RAID at all with your desktop board (at least not with SATA hard drives) because the ICH5R provides only two SATA ports. Therefore, you're permanently stuck in IDE mode with your current setup (the only hard drives which may be RAIDed in a mirroring mode are non-bootable PATA hard drives - and only through the Microsoft Windows-provided software RAID solution).

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                I had RAID 1 working on this very computer when it was running W2k.


                From page 10 of the Intel® Desktop Board D875PBZ Specification Update, Release Date: August 2004...
                The ICH5-R provides support for RAID O, RAID 1 and RAID boot in Windows* XP and Windows 2000 only.


                As far as installing the F6 method without a floppy drive (although I have a floppy that works just fine in this machine), a freeware program called nlite takes care that issue: http://www.nliteos.com/index.html


                I found a method that looks promising:


                I'll try to get to it in the next few days and report back.

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                  Well, good luck in doing so. However, once Windows is installed on your boot drive as IDE, you cannot use that disk in a RAID array at all without risking extremely severe data corruption. This means that with the D875PBZ it's already too late to RAID your boot drive unless you completely reformat your system's boot drive and reinstall Windows. What's more, you cannot switch the RAID on with only a single drive installed; otherwise, the system will hang during POST. Plus, the RAID feature only works on the two SATA ports and does not work at all on any PATA port.


                  And yes, that registry tweak linked to works only if you want to leave your system's boot drive as a single drive (and not in a RAID array). Unfortunately, the ICH5R leaves only one free SATA port; therefore, the Intel RAID driver will not work in this instance. That tweak requires a minimum of three SATA ports on the motherboard in order to even work at all.


                  By the way, I looked at that guide - and it will not work at all on your system. That particular guide requires a second, third-party SATA controller chip (not just a second SATA port) on the motherboard. Unfortunately, like almost all Intel desktop boards, the D875PBZ has only one SATA controller.

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                    Hmmm...well then, that looks like that could be a dealbreaker!

                    If I clone the SATA drive over to a PATA drive, and then boot the computer off of the cloned PATA drive, that would leave me the two SATA ports available to try the TRP method.

                    Do you think that might work, or do the PATA interfaces also use the SATA controller?


                    BTW...I really appreciate all of the help. In re-reading this post, it kinda looks like I'm being a jerk pointing out the whole "RAID 1" issue. I should've noted that the "Technical Product Specifcation" for the D875PBZ (dated April 2003) states that it ONLY supports RAID 0, and it was the UPDATE that I cited that pointed out the error. And the only reason I knew that was because I picked this mobo a few years ago specifically because it supportted RAID 1.

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                      Unfortunately, using PATA would not work in this case because the PATA ports use the very same controller as the SATA ports on that desktop board. And as I stated earlier, the ICH5R's RAID feature works only on the two SATA ports and does not work at all on either of its two PATA channels.


                      As a result, the only way around this would be to purchase a third-party PCI (not PCI-Express) SATA RAID card.