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    Intel Proset Pre-Logon/Persistant Issues




      I am trying to use Intel Proset as our wireless connection utility.  In our environment, I need users to be connected to the network at logon (I don't want them using cached credentials at the office).  My first attempt was to use Pre-Logon Connect, which seemed to be bullet proof in this situation....until I discovered that when you try to Connect to one of these notebooks via Remote Desktop I get disconnected when I try tp authenticate as it appears that Pre-Logon Connect always re-connects at logon.


      After poking around these forums I found a few posts suggesting that Persistant Connections would be more appropriate for our situation.  I have created persistant connection on a couple different notebooks, but am unable to connect to the network at all with it.  When I click the Intel Proset Utility in the system tray and then Connect to Profile, my newly created persistant connection is Greyed Out.  If I go into the Intel PS utility, click on Profiles, and select my Persistant Admin Profile, "Connect"is greyed out.


      Any suggestions would be very greatly appreciated.





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          Oops, somehow I tagged this as a Windows 7 question.  It is for XP, using WEP 128bit Authentication (yes yes, I know...WEP stinks, but thats what our organization has in place for now and I just have to suck it up and deal with it....)



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            Hi Rosy,


            Usually we suggest users to create a PST+PLC (i.e. Persistent + Prelogon) profile when they want seamless network connectivity without any breaks. This can be done when creating a profile thru ITAdmin tool and by selecting both the options on the first page of ProfileWizard tool.

            But this option works fine only with 802.1x profiles i.e. any profile with EAP.

            Therefore, in your scenario since you are using WEP...it would not work.

            You can try below option out and see if it works for your scenario.

            1)Create one Persistent profile using WEP.

            2)Create another Prelogon profile also using WEP and same SSID.


            This will make your machine remain connected to network when nobody is logged on. But when a user will try to logon...there Proset will try to make a connection with Prelogon profile and break the exisitng connection with Persistent profile. User will experience a moment without network connectivity though