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    Intel Optane Support for Laptops


      Hi there,

      I have an Asus laptop, model: fx553vd with intel core i7 7th gen processor. It basically uses gl553's motherboard. Can anyone let me know if this model would be supported by Intel Optane?

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          Hi ruVic,


          Thank you for posting in the Intel® communities.


          Another user asked this same question but for a different ASUS* laptop model: Intel Optane memory support .


          As you can see in that thread, ASUS* has a list of compatible models with the Intel® Optane™ Memory, however the list doesn’t include laptops so it’d be better if you contact ASUS*directly to confirm if your laptop model supports the module or not.


          On the other hand, according to this other thread: does asus fx 553vd supports intel optane memory? , it seems that this specific laptop model doesn’t support the Intel® Optane™ Memory, however the best recommendation is still going to ASUS* to clarify the concern.


          I hope you find this information useful.


          If there is anything else I can help you with, feel free to ask.


          Have a nice day.


          Diego V.