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    Intel Motherboard NO AUDIO


      So I have a custom built intel computer, with the intel DQ35JOE motherboard. I have downloaded all the audio drivers for it and the back panel audio jack isn't working, and the front panel audio jack isn't working. NO AUDIO!!! I went to Intel thing where it automatically searches to see what drivers you need, and for my audio drivers it said I didn't any cause my main audio driver is my graphics card (the audio isn't going through that btw, i'm not using HDMI.)


      So, I NEED HELP! The drivers aren't working or showing up in device manager.

      (Yes, i restarted my computer after I downloaded them), also the drivers I downloaded are the Realtek ones.


      Thanks, I really need to get this fixed.

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          If you have the possibility of audio via HDMI, then this will have precedence over the onboard audio solution and be selected by default. In order to change this ordering, you need to go into the Windows Mixer and change the default audio output solution to be the RealTek audio solution. To do this, right-click on the Audio icon in the system tray and select Playback Devices (on Windows 10, select Open Sound Settings). In the dialog box that appears, find the entry for the RealTek audio output desired (typically Speakers), right-click on its icon and select Set as Default Device. (on Windows 10, select the right entry in the Choose your output device box).


          Hope this helps,