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    Intel SA-00086, SA-00088 질문


      현재 많은 메인보드 제조사 벤더에서

      Intel SA-00086 업데이트를 위한 바이오스 업데이트와 Intel SA-00088 업데이트를 위한 바이오스 업데이트를 배포하고 있습니다.


      Intel SA-00086은 2017년 11월 경, Intel SA-00088은 2018년 1월 경에 발표되어서 일반적으로 Intel SA-00088이 바이오스 버전이 더 높습니다.


      Intel SA-00088 업데이트에 Intel SA-00086가 포함되어 있는지 여부가 궁금합니다.

      --> Intel SA-00088만 업데이트해도 Intel SA-00086가 되는지..

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          First of all, the mitigation of INTEL-SA-00086 requires updated firmware for the intel Management Engine (ME) whereas the mitigation of INTEL-SA-00088 required microcode changes (for SpectreB) and Operating System changes (for SpectreA and Meltdown).


          Some manufacturers chose to release the updated ME firmware in a separate package that updated only this firmware. Other chose to release the updated firmware and microcode in a single (BIOS) update package. Now, considering the differences in the timing of the updates (INTEL-SA-00086 in 11/17 and INTEL-SA-00088 not until 04/18), it is possible that the updates were released completely independently. Ultimately, however, since most manufacturers package ME firmware, microcode updates and BIOS updates in a single package, once you saw a BIOS package with the microcode updates in it, you also saw the ME firmware update in this same package. You would also see this same ME firmware included in every BIOS release until such time as another ME firmware updates comes along.


          Hope this covers it,


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