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    can't enable intel optane


      Hi, I have tried all the steps in the manuals and in forums to install my intel optane 16GB but nothing worked

      I have ASUS B360-PRO gaming motherboard with the latest beta BIOS version which support intel optane

      CPU: intel i7-8700

      HDD: WD 1TB with more than 5MB unallocated memory (converted to GPT)

      and I have configured the BIOS:

      SATA Mode Selection to Intel Optane Intel RST Premium With Intel Optane System Acceleration (RAID)

      Set CSM to Disable.

      UEFI = Enable

      PCH = disable (which is disabled automatically when I disable CSM)


      I have installed Win 10-64 with latest update

      and latest versions of Intel optane & RST applications


      Intel optane app shows = No compatible disks for intel optane memory

      RST app = the enable button is grayed and it read the intel optane as SSD drive