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    Intel integrated graphics outputs only 6-bit color depth?!




      Recently I've bought a Dell G5 laptop with Intel UHD 630 integrated graphics chip (current installed driver version: However, I've noticed in the display settings that the resolution, which it is working on is with 6-bit bit depth (I will attach a photo at the end). If I connect an external monitor through the HDMI, then it's connected to the dedicated Nvidia and the resolution then is with 8-bit bit depth. Is there a way that I can use the native laptop's screen, controlled by the Intel's integrated graphics with 8-bit resolution or whatever the max can be. I know that the display of this laptop is not great by any means, but can it be this bad or maybe 6-bit is normal?! I've read that it might be from drivers, from quantization range (?!), but nothing for a good and easy contemporary solution.


      When I add a bit of saturation, I can't really complain from the colors, but my concern is that the white is too bright and the dark colors are almost flat black, so images or videos with shades and shadows or dark ones in general are not with very good visibility. I don't know, if this comes from the 6-bit thing or just the display is a trash, but would be very happy and grateful to hear some more expert opinions regarding these topics.


      Thank you very much in advance!