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    Gigabyte Bios Mode not Compatible with Optane Memory


      How do I get the Bios and Optane to recognize each other or work?  I have a new Gigabyte Aorus Z370, the bios has been updated to F6.  Intel I7 8700K. New Intel Optane 32GB installed in correct M2 slot.  Upon running SetupOptaneMemory app it says Bios configuration not compatible with Optane memory.   I am trying to have Optane speed up a 10GB secondary storage drive that is new and Basic.  Win10 64 is running on a separate SSD.  The Optane drive is installed, set to Basic in disk manager, but unformatted (unallocated).  The 10GB drive is set to basic in disk manager, and also unformatted (unallocated).  I added a 7 MB partition to the end of the 10GB drive.  If I go into Bios and disable CSM, and activate Intel RST for SATA per the Optane instructions, the whole system cannot boot to Windows and keeps booting to the Bios screen.  What am I missing?

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