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    running ubuntu 16.04.04, usb keyboard no longer works even on boot


      I upgraded the aero board to ubuntu 16.04.04 using usb install. Ubuntu desktop comes up on HDMI, but keyboard and other USB devices no longer accessible over OTG USB.


      - connect USB hub to OTG USB port, light on USB hub lights up, but keyboard connected to hub no working, neither does mouse

      - connect USB keyboard directrly to OTG USB, does not work


      I can access ubuntu over the Wifi AP, but no access to internet to do updates.


      1. How do I turn on USB when running Ubuntu (USB keyboard was running before ubuntu install)?


           Tried rebooting system,but could not go into BIOS as keyboard does not work.


      2. Could I access system (BIOS, OS) using serial console with UART on power connector on Aero board?


      3. Is there another way to fix this?


      Thank you,


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