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    Cannot connect Sony speakers via bluetooth.


      Trying to connect my new Sony SRS XB10 speakers via bluetooth but they keep registering as headphones and therefore I cannot hear anything

      I want to remove my bluetooth drivers (I have 2 for some reason) and start again, but it won't remove them.

      The drivers are:

      Proset / wireless software for bluetooth version - 06/07/2011

          "                         "                           "               14.2.0000 - 30/04/2018


      Running windows 7 - 32bit


      Anyone had the same problems with the speakers? They work perfectly on other PC's, i-phones and Apple macbook pro

      How do I force the removal of the current bluetooth? I presume I have to download the latest drivers first?


      thanks in advance for any help, which is gratefully received. - please keep it simple as most of it goes straight over my head!