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    uv coordinate from get_texture_coordinates() is over 1


      I have testing pointcloud example in SDK 2.0 using D435.


      // Wait for the next set of frames from the camera

      rs2::frameset frames = pipe.wait_for_frames();

      rs2::depth_frame depth_frame = frames.get_depth_frame();


      // Generate the pointcloud and texture mappings

      rs2::points points = this->pc.calculate(depth_frame);

      rs2::video_frame color = frames.get_color_frame();


      // Tell pointcloud object to map to this color frame



      // save vertices and uvs

      const rs2::vertex* rs_vertices = points.get_vertices();

      const rs2::texture_coordinate* rs_tex_coords = points.get_texture_coordinates();



      When I check the rs_tex_coords, u and v coordinate of some points is over 1.

      I know uv coordinates have to be mapped to 0-1.


      Why uv coordinate from rs2::points::get_texture_coordinate() is over 1 ?