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    Optane Memory Not Found


      I have a Gigabyte z270xp-sli motherboard with an optane card attached to it. When I open the Optane Memory program, the "select fast intel optane memory drive" and "select a comptabile drive to be accelerated" are both grayed out. When I click enable, it says "the intel optane memory application ran into a problem" and the Intel optane memory application crashes. I believe that my optane memory card is not being recognized and would like some help.


      Reading through other solutions on the Intel forum pages, I have performed the following actions in my BIOS:

      1) set on Windows 8/10 WQL+

      2) disabled CSM


      Other misc steps:

      1) when i try to run setuprst.exe, i get an error that states "the following application is already installed: intel optane memory. IRST cannot be installed together with above application. Please uninstall the above application before installing IRST"



      Please let me know what else can be done.


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