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    DQ965GF - Where is VT?




      I have an Intel DQ965GF mainboard and an Intel E6300 (2.8GHz) CPU.  I cannot for the life of me get VT enabled as I cannot identify the setting in the BIOS.  If I run CPU ID (ISO provided by VMWare) I do not have VMWARE x64 enabled.


      I run ESX vSphere 4.0 and want to start running Windows 2008 x64 but cannot because I effectively do not have VT enabled.  I can see XD (enable/disable - and have tried both of these) and nothing more on that screen. I have seen screenshots that show Intel VT (enable/disable) below XD but I don't have this.


      I have upgraded my BIOS to 6100 tonight as well but this too did not present the option.


      Any assistance will be appreciated.