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    V2.13.0 RealSense and TX2 issues so far


      I finished installing the latest JetPack then when to install the RealSense SDK.

      The kernel patch was kind of scary.  Could really use a guide for that and the TX2 .

      Lots of N/Y questions which I had not idea how to answer and just said no which seems to be the default.

      So I am not even sure I did the rebuild of the kernel right.


      Next CMake of all things is not the right version on the Jetson its version 3.5.1

      and I think, if I remember the error correctly,  realsense requires 3.10 or higher.

      Downloaded it and it did not compile and build well.

      So far no working librealsense on the TX2.


      Another note in the docs folder there is a file named instalation_jetson.md said you do not

      officially support Jetson there are issued and you can refer to Jetson Hacks