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    How to setup a Linux DUT for DRTU




      We select Intel 8265NGW module as our wireless solution installed in a Linux based equipment.

      Now I have to complete the RF test and have got DRTU from our agent.

      But the manual does not say how to setup a Linux DUT.

      Hope someone can give me a hand to solve this.





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          Intel Corporation
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          Hi AFU, 

          Thanks for posting on our communities, we understand that you're looking for assistance on setting up a Linux* environment to test DRTU, we would like to inform you that at the moment this is an scenario we don't support, however we do have some resources that might be useful so you can accomplish this. 

          You can check information on using our wireless adapters in Linux* here

          Additionally I was able to check online and found this Github repository which has a fork for a Wi-Fi Test Suite developed by Wi-Fi Alliance, this might work so you can perform the DRTU. 

          We hope you find this information helpful. 

          Leonardo L 

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            Thanks for your information.

            I'll try the Test Suite.