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    Intel HD driver crashes in 1080i@50 (interlaced)




      I wanted to upgrade my HTPC connected to an old HDTV connected to VGA output and working in 1080i@50 (50Hz, interlaced).

      So, i got a new MSI HD55M-ED55 and i3 530.Totally the PC is connected to one monitor per DVI and to a TV per VGA.

      Mainboard BIOS v 1.3, the last one. Intel drivers were also the last currently available : - for Win7 64-bit  - for Win7 32-bit - for Win XP 32-bit


      The result:

      - in Win XP the driver allows to select the mode 1080, but it refuses to produce interlaced signal. Only progressive 50 Hz.

      - in Win7 after the change to the mode 1080i@50, the driver crashes. The system tries to recover it and after 2 or 3 tries the system friezes completely. So much for a new "stable" OS. In XP you usually receive at least BSOD.


      Who knows, is this a hardware problem of i3 serie or HD55 or it is a driver problem. Is there a hope that Intel will fix the drivers?


      Note: My old HTPC uses Intel G33 and have had no such problems.


      Thank you.


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          How come everyone asks Intel when they buy some other brand of motherboard?  Try Asking MSI???  They made the motherboard.  Every motherboard manufacturer implements their BIOS and video slightly differently.  I have seen a lot of problems traced back to the RAM not being totally compatible with the motherboard specifications.  RAM specifications can be tricky.