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    mother board intel d845glva


      Hello out there... Can anyone tell me if this is a 32 or 64 bit processor?  thanks.  Jim

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          Hello Jim,


          Well this is an intel (r) desktop board not a CPU.



          What do you want to know about this board?


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            As stated in the first reply, the D845GLVA is a desktop board, not a processor. However, since it is a Socket 478 board, it cannot support 64-bit processors at all (since no such Intel processor was ever manufactured for this socket) and thus the supported processors are strictly 32-bit.


            In addition, the Front-Side Bus (FSB) speed on this desktop board is permanently fixed at 100MHz ("FSB400" in Pentium 4-speak). This seriously limits the choice of processors for this board. As a result, if the system could even boot at all with a 3.20GHz Pentium 4 processor, the clock speed will be restricted to only 1.60GHz due to the fact that the 3.20 uses a 200MHz ("FSB800") rather than an "FSB400".

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                Hello.  thanks for the support guys...  I really appreciate it and you guys who are knowledgable in this field.   I took a basic programming class when the 486 chip first came out.   Boy have things changed since then.  I B lost !!!!   Again , thank you very much.  God bless .  JIM