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    Express BIOS Option Missing for NUC6i5 BIOS Update 66


      I normally use the EXPRESS BIOS OPTION to update the BIOS of the NUC6i5.  Last night I downloaded NUC6i5 BIOS version 66 and found the EXPRESS BIOS OPTION missing/  I use able to update the BIOS by the POWER ON BUTTON method.


      However I remotely manage a network of 18 NIC6i5's and have been remotely updating the BIOS using the EXPRESS BIOS UPDATE.  It is simply not possible to maintain the BIOS locally because the system is 400 miles from me.  The system owner simple does not have the time to perform this task.


      Was the removal of the NUC6i5 EXPRESS BIOS OPTION intentional or just an oversight??????  Is the deletion of the NUC6i5 EXPRESS BIOS OPTION permanent of wil it be restored in a future NUC6i5 BIOS Update????


      Unhappy NUC Sysop