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    Can't see point cloud data of D435.


      How do you do!

      I am trying to use Realsense D435 with ROS, using the latest installation instructions from here:

      GitHub - intel-ros/realsense: Intel(R) RealSense(TM) ROS Wrapper for D400 series and SR300 Camera

      The cameras (I have two!) do not produce point cloud at all.

      There are RGB, infra-red images ONLY.

      I understand that a SW (algorithm) is required to translate the infrared (2 images) data in order to create the 3D cloud.

      Is that the reason that I do not see it? Is only custom Intel SW knows how to do it (like realsense-viewer)?


      Or, I just overthink it :-)?

      Is there any special reason the following command:

      roslaunch realsense2_camera rs_rgbd.launch namespace:="RScamera3" serial_no:="801312070892" enable_pointcloud:="true" json_file_path:=/home/amelnikov/Projects/ROS/JSON_files/MidResHighAccuracyPreset.json

      does not produce 3d point cloud?


      Thank you.

      Andrey M.