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    RealSense MIPI Host on Raspberry Pi (For non USB3.0 Hosts)




      I'm very interested in using RealSense with a Raspberry Pi, however as I've read throughout the previous discussions RealSense requires USB3.0, a feature which is not present on any current Raspberry Pi's. However reading through the data sheet for the D4 Vision Processor I couldn't help but noticed that there was a configuration shown for the D4 to communicate with the host using a MIPI Interface.


      MIPI host.png


      The Raspberry Pi compute has a 4-lane MIPI CSI-2 interface. I have not seen this brought up in any conversations about Raspberry Pi compatibility or suitability as a host for RealSense, so I can't help but ask is this a current supported feature? If so are there drivers which would allow me to make full use of the capabilities of a D4 connected to a D410 Depth Module on a Raspberry Pi using 4x CSI-2?