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    Wireless-AC 9260 compatibility with Archer C8 v1


      I recently installed a new Intel Wireless-AC 9260 card in my Dell XPS 9570 laptop (Windows 10 April 2018 Update), installed the latest Intel drivers and then connected to the Archer C8 access point on the 5 GHz band which is set to 802.11 a/n/ac/mixed. Unfortunately the link speed as shown in the Network and Sharing Center was only 54 Mbps. My previous client wifi card - Killer 1535 - shows link speed of 866 Mbps. I tried a number of different configuration changes to the Archer C8 wireless settings but could not increase the link speed. I have since reverted to the Killer card to avoid slow network speeds but was wondering whether there is a specific client or AP configuration setting that needs to be changed to make the Intel card work properly with the Archer C8 or if there is an inherent incompatibility. Thanks for any assistance.