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    Cannot connect to Intel Unite Hub over Wi-Fi , Works via wired LAN


      Hey Folks.


      Weird issue.


      When someone is on Wi-Fi and they launch the Unite Client software (V, it tries to connect to the server and ultimately fails, which means the user doesn't get the screen to enter in the 6 digit code.

      If someone is on wired LAN, they can launch and connect to the Hub with no problems.

      If we take someone who is on Wi-FI and can't connect and plug them in via LAN, then it works fine and the user can then disconnect the LAN cable and go back on Wi-Fi with no issue and share to the Hub fine.

      The Unite Hubs are are wired in via LAN cable.


      I don't believe its an issue with the client software as mentioned it does work via wired.


      Happy to remove and upgrade to test if thats a good first step.


      I see other folks with similar issues, which makes me think they maybe an underlying issue but i'm happy to treat this issue in isolation for now.


      Any suggestions ?


      Any further information that i could provide to shed more light on the issue?