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    7260AC random disconnects - limited connectivity displayed - no other wireless networks visible


      we have roughly 600 devices installed around the world on multiple networks, the devices have 7260AC wireless nic installed. (7260HMW).  the devices all run WES 7 32bit, Windows managed wireless using the driver.  2-3 weeks ago we started experiencing random wireless disconnections occurring on multiple devices.  All of them reporting "limited" in the connection status.  looking at the available SSID's the only one shown was the SSID that had the manually configured profile.  Rebooting the device restores connectivity and the ability to see other available ssid's.  when this occurs there are multiple system events in the 500x range for netwinsx32. This is occurring on multiple "flavors" of wireless networks - It is not network configuration or appliance specific. all power saving settings are either set to "maximum performance" or disabled. We have upgraded the driver on 2 affected devices to 18.33 version, this had no affect on the issue.  can you provide any assistance with this issue.