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    Does the boot drive need to be in GUID partition table mode when using optane to accelerate a secondary hard drive that IS using GPT?


      I am trying to use a 32GB Optane module to accelerate a secondary hard drive that stores most of my files. I am using an Asus Prime Z270A motherboard and an i7-7700k. When I first tried installing the Optane drivers after plugging in the module, I got an error telling me to change boot device control setting in the BIOS to EUFI Only, the same as this guide from Asus. http://dlcdnmkt.asus.com/microsite/Optane-Memory-SOP.pdf After changing the setting and rebooting, I am unable to boot into windows because i get an error that there are no boot drives. This is because windows was installed in Legacy mode and the drive uses Master Boot Record and not GUID. My question is, do I have to change my windows boot disk from MBR to GUID partition table even if I only want to accelerate a different disk that is already running with GPT? If so, is there a way to do this without losing data on the boot disk? (This guide says there is, but doesn't go into much detail on how to back up the data Converting Windows® Installation from Legacy to UEFI without Data Loss  )