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    Cold boot problems DX58SO need some guidance to debug


      I have Just built my third DX58SO system and didn't notice cold boot problem and managed quite successfully to install Windows 7.0, Office etc. Now first attempt starting from cold this is what happens. Press power on button, starts briefly then stops then starts and makes no post boot bleeps or attempts to boot from HD. No display on screen no post boot messages. I have on two occassions managed by moving jumper to edit BIOS setting to force it to boot but this has turned out to be random also.


      After a random number of attempts to power on it will finally strat. To debug I have removed graphics card, hard disk and changed memory to no avail.


      With no post boot beeps how can i test for a processor or board problem?


      Also have two DVDS attached


      I have a spare board but as Win 7.0 is fully installed and configured I do not want to corrupt it by changing board unless absolutely necessary. ie. last resort. Why can't i hear post boot beeps? Is it board? is it processor?


      I am using a 620W Corsair modular power supply for the first time. some help would be greatly appreciated.

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          What BIOS revision is the board in question?  I have experience the exact same problems (random hang on reboot/cold start), which was experienced in BIOS revision 4598, and 5020.  System powers on, immediately shuts off, the powers back on "hung" with CPU fan running at maximum RPM... once the board entered this state, the only resolution was to either set jumper to config state, or pull CMOS battery.


          Eventually I found that flashing back to 4405 resolved the issue.  Alternatively 5112 that was recently released has also proved stable in my case, but the two release in between always exhibit this behavior after a random number of reboots/starts.


          Just be wary of the 4598-5112 releases, as the default BCLK and Turbo multipliers tend to be set incorrectly (at least for the i7-920).

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            I upgraded with 5020 which is right in the middle. I have an earlier release 4158 but I am going to download a later revision if it is available on the Intel Download site and install that.


            I will update when this is done to let you now. Many thanks for your help.

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              Hopefully that will resolve your issue... but this board seems to be very finicky... others have reported similar issues and BIOS did not resolve it.  Personally I tested the issue on and off for about a week... so in my case the resolution was either 4405 or 5112, but your mileage may vary.


              5020 will also hang (same symptoms as described above) if you set the BCLK to 133MHz, this was explicitly fixed in 5112.  4405 is the most stable revision I have seen to date (and no BCLK/multiplier bug) but later releases reduce boot time by a fair margin, so it is a tradeoff.


              If you for some reason decided to go to a earlier release, I highly suggest pulling CMOS to clear everything (or use IFLASH reset options), as I had some really strange behavior back-dating BIOS's during my testing.

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                Well I have spent 7 hours today and two of them with INTEL support who seem completely unaware of any problems of this nature. I back dated to the BIOS version to one I know works as I have built 3 identical systems over the past 5 months. This version was 4158. I then proceeded to test the others in between and the results are as follows:


                4158 worked

                4196 worked

                4598 worked

                5020 did not work

                5112 did not work


                Each time i did as you suggested and removed the CMOS battery for 2 mins and reinstalled it and allowed it to settle into its surroundings (advice fom INTEL too). and i decided to stick with BIOS 4598 (Nov 2009). I then telephoned the customer with a new delivery time and had some lunch. I then noticed the INTEL network Pro adapter was absent. It never was discovered automatically by Win 7.0 anyway so i wasn't surpirsed and removed it on the assumption that it needed to match BIOS date (i had updated it to teh latest version).


                Wrong !


                In fact i cannot get it to recognise it has a Pro Adpater at all now and have retired to consider my options. I have another new board, 205 serial numbers on from this one to try but i am not going to do that until i get some sleep because i have had it for today. Unless there is a simple reason/solution to this Pro adapter discovery problem i am going to install the more recent board tommorrow and start again.


                Your help as always has been vey valuable. I cannot remember in my frustration whether the last BIOS change was done in a casual way and i followed exactly  the remove CMOS battery procedure but hey this should not be necessary on an INTEL supplied product. I am not so sure i am prepared to deliver a system anyway based on this board because even if the newer board supposing it installs correctly has different problems in the future at least i can save face with the customer and tell him it is not the orginal problem board.


                Any advice about the Pro adapter? which incidentally had no problem being discovered on previous machines i built albeit with Vista.

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                  PS i also have an i7 920

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                    Sorry to hear your having so many issues... can't say for sure on the Network Adapter... unless it is disabled in the BIOS (which you've likely validated), the board could just be faulty.  Other then that I can only think of trying to put the board into recovery mode, but I don't expect that to resolve your problem.


                    After all the issues i've had with this board, I am glad it is only in my personal system (and I am very very patient)... I can't imagine having to support a customer who decides to flash the BIOS to gain support (like Gulftown in 5020), and ends up with a door stop.

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                      Yes at times like this i wish i was in another profession. I'll let you know how i get on tommorrow.