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    Unity wrapper limited support for RS SDK 2.0 (DSO-8666)


      Hi team,


      One of my major gaming developer and SI customer is working on gesture tracking system I/O.


      The customer using language as below.


      - Known Issue: The white paper of RS SDK 2.0 says "Support till Unity 5.0" however this one is going to EOL and Unity have a new version from 2017 onward.


      - Issue: There is limitation for developing in code with Unity 5.0 as this is not a new version.


      - Help needed (Solution options):

      a. Need RS SDK 2.0 version which works well with Unity 2017.4.4F1 above.

      b. Any dll. file for supporting this issue is needed

      c. Any other way can you propose to develop without the issue


      Best, Roy