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    Intel UHD 630 Graphics Driver won't install



      I've been in contact with dell support regarding this but they can't solve it and they now want to replace my motherboard (which I don't think is the issue here).

      When i got the laptop all drivers were installed and worked just great, then I got a hdd replacement and dell wanted me to reinstall windows to verify some stuff (not important here).

      I managed to install all drivers but the Intel UHD 630 one.

      I've tried to install the one that I can download from dell and several other versions directly from Intel download center... but none will work.



      System Information


            Time of this report: 6/19/2018, 17:23:58

                   Machine name: DESKTOP-PU3PUI4

               Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 10586) (10586.th2_release.160126-1819)

                       Language: English (Regional Setting: English)

            System Manufacturer: Dell Inc.

                   System Model: G5 5587

                           BIOS: 1.2.1

                      Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8750H CPU @ 2.20GHz (12 CPUs), ~2.2GHz

                         Memory: 16384MB RAM

            Available OS Memory: 16178MB RAM

                      Page File: 4202MB used, 14920MB available

                    Windows Dir: C:\Windows

                DirectX Version: 11.2

            DX Setup Parameters: Not found

               User DPI Setting: Using System DPI

             System DPI Setting: 120 DPI (125 percent)

                DWM DPI Scaling: UnKnown

                       Miracast: Not Available

      Microsoft Graphics Hybrid: Not Supported

                 DxDiag Version: 10.00.10586.0000 64bit Unicode



      Just made a clean install of windows again and then tried to install the driver again, but no luck.

      The two drivers I tried to install now was:

      Intel-UHD-Graphics-630-Driver_666TW_WIN_23.20.16.4973_A01 (from dell's website)

      And "win64_15.45.23.4860" an older one form Intel's website.


      On the last mentioned driver (win64_15.45.23.4860) I got another error message though.






      Please can someone explain to me how to install this driver?
      The motherboard replacement doesn't feel like a solution, but dell has sent out a technician that will replace it tomorrow because that was their only solution for this.

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          Intel Corporation
          This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

          Hello Insept,

          I understand that you are having problems updating the graphics driver of your system. 

          Regarding this, I would like to start by saying that I am uncertain as to why you are unable to install the ones provided by Dell*. We supply generic versions of graphics drivers for general purposes. Computer manufacturers can change the features, incorporate customization, or make other changes to the graphics driver software or software packaging. To avoid potential installation incompatibilities, we recommend that you first check with your computer manufacturer and use the driver software provided.

          Since you are unable to use the one from the manufacturer in this case, and our driver is also giving you problems with the installation, I want you to try and do it manually. First, download the ".zip" file from the link below: 


          After the download, please follow the steps provided below: 

          1 - Unzip the file to a designated location or folder. 
          2 - Right-click Windows Start icon and open Device Manager.
          3 - Click Yes when prompted for permission from User Account Control. 
          4 - Expand the Display adapters section. 
          5 - Right-click the Intel® graphics entry and select Update Driver Software. 
          6 - Click "Browse my computer for driver software".
          7 - Click "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer".
          8 - Click "Have Disk". 
          9 - Click "Browse". 
          10 - Access the designated location or folder, and access a folder called "Graphics". 
          11 - Select the .INF file (Setup information). 
          12 - Click Open, then click OK, and finally click Next. Drivers are now being installed. 
          13 - Reboot your computer

          These helps should have helped with the installation and there should be no error whatsoever. However, if there is, please let me know. 

          I hope this helps.

          David V

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            Hi David,

            Appreciating the help!

            However I've already tried your suggestion several times. And I just did it again and got the same error



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              Intel Corporation
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              Hello Insept,

              Thank you for your response.

              I would like you to please provide me with a screenshot of the device manager of your system so I can have a look at the graphic adapters. According to what I can see there is 2, but I am not sure, if possible, please provide me with the screenshot showing both of them.

              David V

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                Hi again,

                Yes, you are correct. There are two graphic cards in this computer. The Intel UHD 630 and the Nvidia 1060.

                The driver of the intel card needs to be installed in order for the computer to be able to do any graphic heavy work such as gaming. This is because all the "hard work" calculations etc are done from the Nvidia card, but the picture that's displayed on the screen goes through the Intel card.


                Like i said before. The computer worked fine until i performed a clean install of Windows. Then I wasn't able to install the driver for the Intel card anymore.

                I've tried to install latest chipset drivers + bios update.. basically everything that I can think of. The driver just won't install.

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                  Intel Corporation
                  This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                  Hello Insept,

                  Thank you for your response.

                  Normally, after the fresh install of the Operating System the necessary drivers are installed via Windows* updates. It is strange that the integrated graphics appear as Microsoft Basic Display Adapter. 

                  Please try creating a new bootable USB using the tool in the link below:


                  * Please be aware that the content on that site is not controlled by Intel*. This information is offered for your convenience and should not be viewed as an endorsement by Intel* for the merchants or services offered there.*

                  Once the bootable unit is created, attempt to re-install the operating system with that freshly created image. I want to do this because we are trying the express and also the manual ways of installing the drivers to no avail, it could point to an Operating System issue. 

                  Once this is done, let the O.S update and after the updates reboot the system, afterwards please check the device manager and see if it shows properly the graphic adapters.

                  I hope this helps.

                  David V

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                    Hi again,

                    I already tried to reinstall windows from a bootable usb stick.


                    I've tried to run all windows updates before installing any driver -> then reboot and then install the drivers. But no luck here. The Intel card is still named "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter".


                    I then tried to reinstall windows again from the usb stick, but this time I didn't let the windows update run and tried to install the drivers right away.. still same issue. All drivers but the Intel UHD 630 were installed.

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                      Intel Corporation
                      This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                      Hello Insept,

                      Thank you for your response.

                      I apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing. Up to this point, what I can recommend you to do is to contact Dell* and see if they have a "recovery" disk which they provide. This is so that the drivers and software previously installed in the system can be recovered. If this does not help then it points more to a hardware issue than software.

                      I say it is more a hardware issue because we have tried different methods of installation and even re-installed the operating system to no avail.

                      Again, I apologize for any inconvenience.

                      David V

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                        When you did your clean install of Windows 10, what drivers did you install? You should have installed the Intel and NVIDIA drivers that were provided by your system manufacturer.


                        You have a hybrid graphics solution, combining the on-processor Intel UHD Graphics 630 solution with an embedded NVIDIA GTX 1060 HD Graphics solution. Hybrid graphics solutions often (close to always) require versions of the drivers that have been modified to support the combining of these solutions and switching between them. In this case, installing the generic drivers from either Intel or NVIDIA will usually (close to always) result in something that either doesn't work or doesn't support all capabilities; you *must* use the versions of the drivers that are provided by your system manufacturer.


                        Hope this helps,


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                          Thanks for the help.


                          I was in contact with Dell tech support for several hours regarding this driver issue and they were not able to provide me with a working driver for the Intel UHD 630 card.

                          They instead booked a replacement of the motherboard.

                          But as the tech guy stated on the phone, the windows installation was more likely done from an image file at the factory and they didn't install the drivers one-by-one like I was doing.

                          I told the guy on the phone that the motherboard replacement most likely wouldn't work.. and he probably knew this as well.


                          Anyway.. the technician arrived and replaced the motherboard and it turned out to be DOA.

                          I've now returned the Dell G5 and ordered a Alienware R4 instead.


                          Thanks for all the help folks!

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                            this dos not work i had the same isue

                            i have a auros z370 mainboard v1.0 with a intel cpu i7 8700k.

                            the orginal driver wil not recognize the gpu in the i7 8700k sulution is to go to Snappy Driver Installer download | SourceForge.net


                            he will find a driver and it wil install youre UHD630 driver!!!


                            there seems to be somthing wronge wit the intel vga driver.


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                              Hi, I also got problem with this. Before this I have installed windows 10 build 1508. which is old version. Install driver with no succeed. Later I decided to install new windows 10 build 1803 which is latest version updated April 2018. Then, the installation is successful without error. This error is due to windows version not the driver. Thanks.

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                                @hidayat88 was right. this problem lead to windows os vision. my os is windows 10 professional x64,have same question as you & try a lot drives that can't resolve it.

                                so update windows vision to 16299.125,then it's done. intel uhd 630 driver can install corectly. so i guess the windows higher vision than 16299 can solute the problem too.

                                by the way ,the windows 10 release date of vision 16299,can't remember ,but it must be after 2018/4/.you can try it.

                                A friend from china hope this can help you.