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    Power Management setting on 5100AGN

      We are battling wireless disconnections in this chipset on an Aruba N wireless network. We are using the driver managed by windows (not the intel wireless client). We think it has something to do with the power management settings. In the adapter properties, we have the following settings.... set:

      Power Management tab: "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" is unchecked

      Advanced Tab: Power Management is set at next to the lowest setting


      I have created a script which runs every 15 minutes to ensure that these settings are where they should be. Often though, we get a support call that someone's wireless connection has dropped and we will look at these settings and the power management setting in the advanced tab has reverted to "default", which is the lowest setting on the slider. I have tried sysinternals' process monitor and am unable to see anything modifying this setting, so it must be something in the driver. These are HP 2730P Elitebook tablets running Windows XP Tablet Edition 32-bit. Please help, someone, I am ready to gouge my eyes out fighting this!!!