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    S5520SC bios problem



      Hello everyone, i have a S5520SC board with Xeon E5620 and 6 gig ram. When i turn power on en puch on switch there is no screen output from the graphics card. The motherboard keeps with faultcode $B9$, switch shortly to $B8$ and back tot  $B9$. Some looking-up work: $B9$: "resetting removable media device". Someone an idea? what could happen? Is there something wrong with the bios flash software, ?? Please help, thanks,


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          Hello, I have the same configuration and a Intel chassis sc5650 and I have the same problem.....

          Have You solved? Please le me know. When i try to boot i have black screen and box starts all fans and nothing  after that. No graphic/no beeps/no any actions. My ram (8 GB) is Kingston compatible.

          Please let me know any info about it.