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    High CPU load - appears to be a common issue




      Like many others, I am noticing a high CPU load with my D435 RealSense device. Using the capture example program, and commenting the display sections of the code (just running the pipe) takes 90% of my i5 CPU. I need to replicate my solution on an a relatively significant volume. So, the cost of the CPU is of some consideration.


      Given that I am running at 1280x720 resolution with 30 fps, the pixel rate for both the depth and color streams amount to around 150 megabytes/second. One of my USB 3.0 Machine Vision cameras produces 5-megapixel resolution at 30 fps which amounts to the same data rate. Yet, the CPU load for this camera is only 20%. So, there is certainly issue with my D435.


      I have the following questions:


      1) Is there a solution in the works for reducing the CPU load significantly?  If so, any heads-up as to when we should expect a solution

      2) In the absence of a "good" solution to reduce the CPU load, my backup plan is to avoid streaming the color image; my application is strictly 3D and I just need the depth data. Is it possible to configure the D435 so that it outputs ONLY the depth data? If so, how?