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    NUC8i7HVK: Replacement Power Supply/Brick/Adapter?


      So, I just ordered an NUC8i7HVK, and would like a second power brick to save lugging it around all the time (home<-->office)...


      No love at Intel® NUC Spare Parts yet :-(


      From review pics I see the NUC comes with a Lite-On brand power supply, model "PA-1231-12".


      The Technical Product Specification states that's a 19.5v/11.8A (230w) power supply with a DC "barrel" style plug having 7.4mm/OD 5.0mm/ID shell (ground) and inner 0.8mm (19.5v) contact.


      So, the question then becomes, where to get one?


      I can't find anyone selling identical Lite-On power supplies directly online?


      There seem to be a variety of laptops using similar power supplies. It's worth noting that Lenovo uses a "PA-1231-12LA" (note the additional "LA" on the end) model with an incompatible square plug.


      Interestingly, the tech spec also states:

      The kit has a power sensing circuit that Manages CPU power usage to maintain system power consumption below 230 W. It is recommended that you disable this feature (via BIOS option) when using an AC-DC adapter greater than 230 W.

      Which makes me wonder if trying to find one of the 280w power supplies MSI specs for their gaming laptops might yield a performance increase (at least for a burst until you hit the TDP wall)?


      Anyhow, searching Amazon yields an HP branded one ("HSTNN-LA12"), and one from Delippo, so I'm wondering if I should give one of those a shot?  I just want something reliable that won't fry my NUC, but the marketplace for these things sure is sketchy :-(

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