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      Just bought the model NUC7i3BNK.

      I have an 8MB memory and a 970 EVO. They seem to work.

      I also bought a memory. I thought that I will copy the Ubuntu 18.04 in the memory and install it.


      I have many problems and I need help.

      1. The NUC It does not see the memory.

      2. Is there a way to see the memory?

      3. It need to install it and tells me to insert it in "boot."

      4. Can you boot from the memory?


      I don't know which is the "boot" device...

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          What do you mean by 'memory'? Are you talking about a DIMM or SO-DIMM? Are you talking about an Optane module? Are you talking about a USB flash disk? What?


          Here are a couple of notes on the process:


          1. Since you have an M.2 NVMe SSD in the picture, you need to go into BIOS Setup (Visual BIOS) and ensure that UEFI is enabled.
          2. I recommend that you use the Rufus program to format your USB flash disk and transfer the O/S Installation ISO file contents onto a USB Flash Disk.
          3. Once you have the O/S Installation ISO file transferred onto a USB flash disk, insert it into one of the NUC's USB ports and power on the NUC. When the NUC displays the BIOS Splash Screen ("Intel° NUC" in big letters), press the F10 key to invoke the Boot Device Selection Manager. Select the entry for the USB flash disk that you inserted. The O/S installation process should then begin automatically.


          Hope this helps,


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            I am sorry, I mean the tiny memory on the left side of the NUC box, Micro SDXC..

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              There have been some issues posted recently regarding booting from SD. Rather than wait for a fix (if one is ever forthcoming), I suggest that you use a USB flash disk and avoid the issue completely.


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                Thank you very much.


                All is well the Rufus solved all my problems...


                One more question. the NUC has many updates for Ubuntu. Shall I download them first and execute them?

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                  If you are referring to BIOS updates, my opinion is that you should always upgrade to the latest version available. The fact of the matter is that the BIOS Release Notes are not the most complete and there are often (other) updates that are not mentioned. You might as well maximize the bug fixes and compatibility updates you include.


                  Hope this helps,


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                    One more question.


                    Does the NUC  NUC7i3BNK has WI-fi?


                    The reason I ask is because in Ubuntu gets everything in WiFi. I can see the router and login to it. I thought that it does not, where does it take from. I ordered a:

                    Dual Band Wireless- AC 8265 8265AC NGFF Wifi Card USE FOR Intel 8265 AC AC8265 8265NGW M.2 NGFF 2.4/5GHz Bluetooth 4.2 Wireless WiFi Card 867 Mbps

                    It arrives soon. Do I need it?

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                      The NUC7i3BNK has built-in WiFi. It has an Intel Wireless-AC 8265 + Bluetooth 4.2 solution soldered down on the NUC's board. There is no option to replace or upgrade this WiFi solution. You do not need (and cannot use) this additional card that you have ordered.


                      Hope this helps,


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                        Thank you! I am going to return it!


                        I was going crazy!