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    NUC7I7BNB Freeze


      When running blueiris with a 4k camera nuc freezes hard, power button restart required.


      I can run blueiris with 3 cameras (2k and lower) and the nuc runs fine.  When I enable the 4k camera it freezes after a few minutes.


      Testing with only the 4k camera: cpu 40C at 27%

      Testing with a 4k and a 2k cameras: cpu 50C,  at 40%


      It looks like the freeze ups are caused by load on the system.


      I'm running tests now with only the 4k camera.  If it runs for extended period, like 8 hours, without freezing I'll add in other cameras 1 by 1.


      Nothing in the event log indicates a failure related to any specific program.


      Are these systems not reliable under moderate to heavy cpu load.