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    Downsampled & non-colored pointclouds from D415




      I'm using the Realsense D415 for onboard processing of the pointclouds on the Intel Aero Drone.

      I have the issue, that the pointclouds are too large and are received at a too low frequency (around 7Hz). Is there any possibility to get a non-colored pointcloud from the Realsense D415? Also it would be great if the pointcloud could be downsampled such that I get smaller pointclouds but at a higher frequency. I'm using the ROS wrapper and tried to change a couple of parameters in the launch file and over rqt_reconfigure. But I could not achieve the desired behavior.


      Previously I have been using the Realsense R200. There the pointcloud was non-colored by default and published at a rate of around 28Hz. It would be nice to get similarly sized clouds from the D415.


      I'd be glad about any suggestions. Thanks,