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    reading imu data



      Since some time I playing with Intel Aero compute board so that I can put it on old Asctec(now intel) helicopters we have. In that process I was trying to access imu data from the board just in case I need that eventually. I am however now able to get started. if I do ls -l /dev*, I cant see spidev. I saw a commands sudo chgrp spi /spidev* in one of the questions asked here but if I run this command I get "cant access /spidev*:no such file or directly". Do i need to enable communication with spi devices? I see some people talk of modifying something in kernel or /boot/config in raspberry pi but those solutions wont work here.

      I have installed ubuntu 16.04 following instructions in your website but have gone any further since I wont be using Aero UAV.