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    Depth camera have some problem


      In SR300 Hand Views, when I use a depth image, the image is normal at the moment of opening. But immediately it disappeared and it was only displayed very close to the camera. That is, the depth image will gradually disappear。In addition, Raw  streams is not work, there is no any apperence. There is anyone can help me?  Thank you.


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          This is an unusual case.  If the problem was that the camera was disconnecting then it would tell you this at the bottom of the screen.   However, it is continuously showing 'Streaming'.  This indicates that the camera is functioning but not displaying the image until your flesh is close to the camera.


          Could you tell me please how near to the camera you are?  The SR300 only has a maximum depth range of 1.5 meters, so it has difficulty depth-detecting objects that are not relatively close to it.  When I use that camera, I typically have it on the edge of my desk so that it is just within reach of my fingertips if I stretch my arm out fully towards the camera (I sit about 1.5 m back from my laptop's screen).


          Likewise, the image can disappear if you are too close to the camera, because the camera can no longer see your features.  If the top picture you provided is of your head and shoulders, tests I did with my own SR300 showed that I had to be very close to the camera to be displayed in the same size that you are in that image. 

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            I am sitting about 80cm in front of the camera

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              Thank you.  Could you type 'camera explorer' into the box at the bottom of your Windows screen please (the box next to the button in the corner where you shut down you PC).  This will let you find the RealSense Camera Explorer program, which can be used to test the camera.  If your camera is not detected by the application, or you are told that the camera detection has failed after you click on the camera's listing, this would indicate if there is a problem with your SR300.


              Image result for realsense camera explorer

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                it can be detected.

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                  And when you click on the SR300 listing, does it let you test the camera or do you get a screen saying that it has failed?

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                    what surprise is that it can be work well like this 6.png


                    sometimes it is wrong,but maybe a few minute later ,it can be right. but i do not  know why.

                    Anyway, thank you for your patience,Yours!

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                      It is probably a USB detection issue, with the camera's connection dropping and then being re-detected.  The SR300 is especially sensitive to the state of the USB port, and many people have had problems with this.  I'm very glad that you are able to get the camera to work for you.