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    STS100A vs. STS100C heatsink


      I am looking for a cooling solution for Xeon E5520 processors. I was originally wanting to get my hands on Akasa CC055 heatsinks, but I can't find any store selling them in my country, so I am back to the standard Intel solutions, namely STS100A and STS100C. The E5520 has a 80W TDP, so the STS100A should be enough. However, I am wondering if there could be an interest for me to still go for the more expensive STS100C in the hope that it will make my system quiter? It seems to include copper when the STS100A is made of aluminium only, so I would hope that the thermal dissipation is better and this lets the fan spin slower. However, it could also be that the STS100C's fan spins faster by default to ensure proper thermal dissipation for 135W TDP processors. Does anyone know?


      More generally, I was unable to find any technical data about either the STS100A or STS100C. I would be interested in data such as weight, fan dimension, fan speed and noise level, if anyone can provide these. Thanks!