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    Annoying "The igxprd32 display driver has stopped ..." crash ! GM965 Chipset - Please help :)


      Hi all,


      I've tried everything to try and get around this problem but it keeps coming back to annoy me.


      This seems to occur randomly; i.e. no specific event I do on my laptop seems to cause it. I have only experienced this whilst browsing the internet (FF) and using my email client (Thunderbird). It has also occured when watching video files in Classic Media Player (I also use K Lite Medga Codec Pack) but only after watching around 2 hours of the file. NOTE: I have tried uninstalling this codec pack but this error still occurs.


      What happens?


      The laptop display suddenly freezes, then returns in an odd looking display (not full screen - only a small proportion of the screen in the top right hand corner of the screen). I am then prompted with an alert window with the error "The igxprd32 display driver has stopped working normally. Save your work and reboot the system to restore full display functionality. The next time you reboot the machine a dialog will be displayed giving you a chance to upload data about this failure to Microsoft." (screen shot). So far this hasn't happened whilst playing games (only CSI installed).


      What have I tried so far?


      My Specifications Report can be found here.


      - Tried using original driver provided with laptop (uninstalling my current driver properly - including a reboot and registry clean - before re-installing the original driver)

      - Tried other archived drivers without any success

      - Updated to latest drivers for entire hardware but still get the error randomly


      Any help would be much appreciated. It's annoying me now. It happens frequently in a week. Some days it won't; some days it may do once or twice.


      Thanks in advance