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    GMA 4500 no audio with HDMI on Lenovo M58


      Hello guys,


      I'm having a problem with audio output on GMA 4500 over display port to HDMI converter. I'm pretty sure that on Lenovo M58 does not transmit audio over display port at least i'm not getting any. I'm trying to connect it to LG 42LH4000 TV and in the TVs manual it says if you are connecting via DVI to HDMI cable use another 3.5mm to 3.5mm jack cable to transmit sound and use HDMI1 input. The problem is, as far as i get it, that the computer emits some audio signal over the display port and HDMI and the TV thinks it is getting the audio and then cuts of the analog signal. If i change the input to RGB or some other HDMI input or plug the HDMI cable out i hear the sound. As soon as i put the cable back the sound goes off. Also when i change the resolution or shutdown the pc there are normal brief periods of blank screen and when that happens the sound appears for that brief period.


      Is there a way to tell the display port to stop emiting that audio signal so that the TV picks up the analog input? I saw some posts on the net about EDID overrides and tried some but no luck. Either i'm doing it wrong or that is not my problem.


      I'm using Windows 7 32


      Thanks for any help