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    how to tell when Android Driver installed correctly?



      Trying to flash a phone from WIndows 7 Machine.


      When I plug in phone, it doesn't recognize it. Is it supposed to?


      Should it show up in Device Manager. (See below).


      How to tell if I have the correct Mini-B USB cable? It the same cable I use on a Sony camera which works, but not sure if its the right one for host mode Phone Flashing....


      I sort of got one file to load, since the phone no longer boot at all.

      I am not super worried about bricking it, because I read that ftdi systems can't be bricked....




      I installed this:  It said successful install, but HOW do I verify? It took 15 minutes to load.....

      How do I see it in Device Manager?

      It is to flash a phone using these phone-supplied tools.



      Thanks for any leads!