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    Bios version Not showing 1.00.16 after upgrading to latest bios


      I grabbed the latest bios and flashed it on the Aero. However, when I check with aero-get-vresion.py it still lists the version as 1.00.13.


      Attaching the cli clip where, following upgrading the bios, I checked again to see if I could unistall 1.00.13 and reinstall 1.00.16. It confirms that 1.00.16 is already installed.


      root@intel-aero:~# ls  

      aero-bios-01.00.16-r1.corei7_64.rpm  launch.sh    mnt

      root@intel-aero:~# rpm -ev aero-bios-01.00.13-r1.corei7_64

      error: package aero-bios-01.00.13-r1.corei7_64 is not installed

      root@intel-aero:~# rpm -i aero-bios-01.00.16-r1.corei7_64.rpm

      warning: aero-bios-01.00.16-r1.corei7_64.rpm: Header V4 RSA/SHA1 Signature, key ID bb0396db: NOKEY

          package aero-bios-01.00.16-r1.corei7_64 is already installed

      root@intel-aero:~# aero-get-version.py



      BIOS_VERSION = Aero-01.00.13

      OS_VERSION = Poky Aero (Intel Aero Linux Distro) 1.6.2 (pyro)"

      AIRMAP_VERSION = 1.8

      FPGA_VERSION = 0xc2

      AeroFC firmware version = 1.6.5