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    8265 verry slow on copy files on LAN, especially on upload




      recently purchased a lenovo T580, with 8265 wifi card

      i received the laptop, and updated the preinstalled windows to 10 to build 1803, i already noticed that  i had slow copy speeds on my wifi network at home or at work, tried several routers/locations


      on 2.4 i am connected at around 144Mbs , so i should have stable internal copy speeds at about 10MB/sec, while i only get 2-5 MB from laptop to synology

      on 5ghz, connected at aroud 600Mbs , i get around 1 MB/sec only from laptop to synology


      but this is only on the upload site, when i copy a file from the synology to my laptop, on 2.4 i get 10MB/sec, on 5ghz, i get 30MB/sec


      tested on my girlfiends laptop, its a HP elite book, also with 8265 card, i get the speed that i want, like 40-50 MB/sec on 5 GHZ and 11 MB/sec on 2.4 on both directions, the laptop is just next to me


      i have googled tried a lots of stuff

      clean installed windows 10 today directly to 1803 build, when it was clean installed, with drivers from windows itself, same issue

      then tried downloading latest proset intel driver , same  issue, uninstalled and installed the intel driver from lenovo site, same thing

      in advanced settings, i have configured roaming aggresivenes to lowest, same issue

      tried 20-40 band, other channels, i always have the same issue on my lenovo, while the HP is in every way working as expected


      any help please? i am out of ideas


      ssu reports here

      2.4 ghz = Dropbox - 2.4.txt

      5.0 ghz = Dropbox - 5.0.txt