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    Why 82571EB auto-negotiation failed in TBI mode(Serdes)?



      This is my setup:
      The topology like this: 82571EB-----tranceiver-----switch
      I use e1000 driver at LINUX.
      The 82571EB work at TBI mode, full duplex, send and respond to pause frame, hardware autonegotiation.
      The tranceiver is a serdes interface copper SFP with 1000BASE-X auto-negotiation.


      I want to establish a hardware based auto-negotiation.The 82571EB failed autonegotiation with other side,But I found it can reiceive config_word.
      The 82571EB can't transmit or received packet in this situation, even if I forced link up.
      Can anybody tell me how the auto-negotiation works with this controller?


      Other thing:
      I try to loopback under serdes in 82571EB, it normally worked. 
      I use another MAC chipset(VSC7344) with 1000BASE-X Serdes mode, connect with the same tranceiver,
      the MAC chipset can auto-negotiation succeed and send/received packet with the other side.