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      Not a question, but I would like to report that I have a Kangaroo mini pc($99)... about the size of a pack of cigarettes, running a completely unupdated Win!0... no room for updates 32gb drive:)  From everything I have been reading, I didn't think there was a chance it would work with a D415, but I was wrong.


      I downloaded the requisite Viewer and my d415 worked just fine.  Didn't measure frame rates, but for $99... wow.


      Nice platform for a robot... two hour battery life.



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          Yes, the 400 Series is far more flexible with hardware than previous generations of RealSense camera.  It works with any Intel or ARM processor irrespective of architecture. 


          If you want to see frame rates, you can click on the 'i' icon on the toolbar on an active RealSense Viewer stream and details such as frame number and FPS are overlaid.