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    Hades Canyon: Lights won't turn off after shutdown


      Hi guys,


      Had my Hades Canyon Intel® Core™ i7-8809G for a couple of weeks now (Great piece of kit BTW)


      I have updated and installed everything as per the Intel Update tool and everything is up to date and the computer works and performs great, however my skull lights and power button remain on after I have shutdown the system on a number of occasions, normally I don't mind as I love the skull lights being on but knowing that it should shutdown and all the lights should go out has me wondering why is this doing this?


      Only fix I seem to get is turning the power off at the wall and even then sometimes I go to start it up by pressing the power button again and nothing happens like the unit is dead (Quite frightening if you ask me)


      Any help would be massively appreciated, thanks in advance.