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    D845HV bios can not update to p15


      Hello, I have D845HV for 8 years. It still works great. But it can not update to bios HV84510A.86A.0050.P15. The bios now is HV84510A.15A.0012.P06. I tried to copy to disk or express flash both have error unsccessful flash. The floppy disk flash even give the error code h48, etc. Please advise.



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          I will advise you to update the bios to the latest one using a USB Dos Bootable Pen Drive.


          How to make a Bootable USB: http://gocoding.com/page.php?al=bootflashdos


          1. Download the dos package

          2. Extract the whole contents onto the root directory of the usb key.

          3. Once the system has booted onto the usb key, it will go onto the command prompt.

          4. Run autoexec.bat to start the update.


          You can disconnect all the other media like hdd, cdrom on the system when doing the update, leave only the usb key as the only bootable media.


          If it does not work, try with a dos bootable cd and repeat the above steps.


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